Off-page SEO Ranking factors & Techniques for Website

Off page SEO Ranking factors and various techniques

Off-page is backbone on SEO. Without it it is impossible to rank well on Search Engines. It is also called as “Backlinking” . In Off-page SEO we do not work on our website instead we work on other external websites by creating links on them pointing to our website. So creating backlinks has two advantages firstly it improves the SEO and secondly it may bring traffic to our website from external sites. The various off page ranking factors are listed below-

Blogging- It is the best way to create good quality backlinks.  In this we create high quality content, information or article written on our website Blog page, and share it on Social media. If provide unique, valuable information to your readers then naturally they will link back to you.

Directory Submission- In this we submit our Business or Company information on various directories. The appropriate category for company should be selected, and only home page should be submitted. While submitting choose free or regular submission.

Local Listing- It is done for local business situated in a city, providing services in one area, city or country.

Social Bookmarking– In this we save our favorite links on a social bookmarking site like to open them later. So this method can be used to save our website links and create backlinks.

Social Media Sharing- It involves the sharing of our blog posts, links on Social media sites, which creates natural backlinks and brings traffic.

Blog Submission– It is done when we have a blog page on our website.

Classified Posting– It is basically ad posting, where we can go and post ad related to our products and service.

Article Submission– Here first we write an article and submit it in appropriate category on sites like

Blog Commenting– It involves commenting on others blog post.

PPT & PDF Submission– In this we create PPT or PDF file related to company products, services, Blog post, or any useful information and submit on file sharing sites like

CSS Submission– If you have a unique and good website design, then we can submit it on CSS gallery sites.

Press Release– When a company has some announcement to make relate to its finance, loss or gains, acquistions then they may use press release to inform the online readers.

Guest Posting– In this we post a blog on others website, and one or two links in between the content of the blog linking back to us

Search Engine Submission– Apart from Google, Yahoo & Bing there are various other search engines on which our website can be submitted to get backlinks.

Forum Participation- In these we involve in discussion on a relevent topic to our website provide solutions, or answers to users.

Question & Answer Sites- Sites like Yahoo answers and are good platforms to ask questions and provide answer to questions.



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